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Lemon & Mint Cold Brew (20TB)

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20 teabags (foil). Lemon & Mint Cold Brew combines the naturally refreshing flavours of grassy green tea, zesty lemon and sweet mint to deliver a ready-to-brew iced tea. It’s easy-peasy, with no-need for lemon squeezy – just add one teabag to a mug, glass or bottle with cold water. You’ll enjoy a refreshing glass of hydration, infused with a cleansing touch of citrus-mint sunshine.

Our Cold Brew teabags make iced tea easier than ever. We’ve used our generations of blending expertise to create a range that’s full of flavour and imagination. Consider your glass of water the canvas and these teas the colour. Watch the teabags steep and swirl their sunny hues and fresh flavours into the water as they magically ‘cold brew’ in front of you. Unlike standard teabags, each of these blends has been specially designed to infuse with cold water in just five minutes. With no sugar, no sweeteners, and no need for boiling water, they’re the light and bright infusions the whole family can enjoy.

Our Tea Masters use the same high-quality green teas to create this blend that you’ll find in our bags of traditional green tea. We source them from the Jiangxi, Anhui and Zhejiang provinces of China – an area known as the ‘Golden Triangle’ for its superior green teas. We also add a touch of green tea extract for a concentration of flavour that releases when steeped with cold water. This brings a rounded, grassy backdrop to the infusion, making way for the punchy flavours of lemon and mint. We use real spearmint and lemon peel, enhanced further by our unique flavourings. It’s a lovely way to help you get closer to your two litres of water a day. Not only does it bring a deliciously sunny flavour, you’ll drink in all the natural nutrients and antioxidants of green tea too, making this a wonderful way to upgrade your water. Sip away and feel instantly refreshed, cleansed and calmed by this delicate yellow infusion.

Mint lemonade, also known as limonana, is a favourite in Middle Eastern countries where the hot climate demands the ultimate thirst-quenching beverages. We’ve taken inspiration from this for our Lemon & Mint Cold Brew, blending tart, juicy lemon with invigorating spearmint. We individually foil-wrap each teabag to lock in the fresh flavours, meaning you can always be sure of a delicious infusion. Add ice, lemon slices and sprigs of mint to your glass or water bottle to really accentuate the refreshing nature of the tea, much like our Middle Eastern friends.

Green tea, Tea extract, Lemon & mint flavouring, Spearmint, Lemon peel

Origin*: China’s Jiangxi, Anhui and Zhejiang provinces – known as the ‘Golden Triangle’

*Please note, subject to change due to seasonal variations.


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