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Teh Pilihan

Kegemaran Seharian

Our Tea Artists Create Some of Malaysia’s Favourite Teas

Welcome to the World of Ahmad Tea

Bringing Tea Artistry

From London to Malaysia

We are passionate about what we call ‘Tea Artistry’ and this comes to life in a number of ways. It’s always in our unwavering commitment to the creative craft, standards of excellence and blending precision we apply to making our tea. It all begins with the art of selecting tea from the world’s finest tea gardens.

Selected for You

Selected for You

Malaysia's Favourite Teas

Malaysia's Favourites

Award Winning Teas



Best Teas for the Summer Heat

Enjoy some of our most delicious iced teas and beat the Malaysian heat.

Types of Tea

Types of Tea

black teas

Black Teas

Black tea is oxidised during production and usually has a bold and full flavour which is developed during this process. It is the most common type of tea in the Western world and can be enjoyed with milk and sugar.

green teas

Green Teas

Green tea comes from the same plant as black tea (Camellia sinensis), just not allowed to oxidise. It is has been enjoyed in China for over 5,000 years and is cherished for its antioxidant properties and fragrant flavour.

Fruit Teas

Fruit tea is made by blending black or green tea with real pieces of sweet fruit and our signature flavouring to create distinctive taste profiles. The fruity sweetness makes them ideal for drinking either hot or cold.

Herbal Infusions

Also known as herbal teas, infusions do not actually contain tea and are made by blending natural aromatic herbs, spices and fruit pieces, like camomile, ginger and peppermint. They are usually naturally caffeine and sugar-free.