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Cold Brew Peach & Passion Fruit (20TB)

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20 teabags (foil). Our Peach & Passion Fruit Cold Brew is the easy way to keep happily hydrated. We’ve taken one of our most popular teas – Peach and Passion Fruit Flavoured Black Tea – and created this even cooler version. Add a little excitement to chilled water with this popular fruit combination. It makes for a crisp and mellow infusion to leave you feeling refreshed and revived.

Product Code: 054881015080

Cold Brew blends make iced tea easier than ever. We’ve used our generations of blending expertise to create a range that’s full of flavour and imagination. Consider your glass of water the canvas, and these teas the colour. Watch the teabags steep and swirl their rich chestnut hues and bold black tea flavour as they magically ‘cold brew’ right in front of you. Unlike standard teabags, each of these blends has been specially designed to infuse in cold water in just five minutes. With no sugar, no sweeteners, and no need for boiling water, they’re the light and bright infusions the whole family can enjoy.

Our Tea Masters blend black teas from Kenya for the base of this tea, along with a small amount of black tea extract. We’ve chosen Kenyan tea for its rounded and refreshing flavours, which make it a strong companion to bold fruits and well-suited to colder sipping. The concentrated flavour of the extract releases when steeped with cold water, helping to infuse a bold, flavourful brew in minutes. We also add real peach and passion fruit pieces, along with our exclusive peach and passion fruit flavouring. This enhances the tea with ripe, sunny fruit flavours. The peach and tropical passion fruit create an infusion that’s exquisitely fruity and cleansing, with the sweet scent of exotic climes. Our ‘hot water’ Peach & Passion Fruit Black Tea has been a much-loved part of the Ahmad Tea collection for over 20 years, so just we had to create a Cold Brew version too!

This infusion is perfect for anyone looking to up their daily intake of water, adding a tropical twist to a glass of H2O. With every teabag individually foil-wrapped, they’re great for keeping on hand to add a burst of delicious, sugar-free Ahmad Tea flavour when you’re on-the-go. At home, make the most of this Cold Brew by adding fresh lemon slices and ice. You can even ‘brew a few’ and serve in jugs for a cool and cleansing garden party serve, popular with children and adults alike. They’re also great for anyone who usually avoids hot drinks but might like to try a quick, fruity iced tea.

Black tea, Black tea extract, Peach & passion fruit flavouring, Peach, Passion fruit


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