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Cold Brew Mango & Lychee (20TB)

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20 teabags (foil). Gentle Chinese green teas are combined with the unique floral flavour of lychee and the sweetness of mango to create an exotic, serene and refreshing blend. Real pieces of mango and lychee fruits create an authentic flavour experience.

This cold brew iced tea blend brews in cold water in just five minutes.

Product Code: 054881018302

Turn crystal clear water into an exotic sunshine infusion with our Mango & Lychee Cold Brew. Balancing the soft, grassy flavours of Chinese green tea with bursts of juicy mango and lychee, it’s a fabulous way to enhance your hydration.

Our Cold Brew teabags make iced tea easier than ever. We’ve used our generations of blending expertise to create a range that’s full of flavour and imagination. Consider your glass of water the canvas, and these teas the colour. Watch the teabags steep and swirl their delicious, sunny hues into the water as they magically ‘cold brew’ in front of you. Unlike standard teabags, each of these blends has been specially designed to infuse with cold water in just five minutes. With no sugar, no sweeteners, and no need for boiling water, they’re the light, bright infusions the whole family can enjoy.

Our Tea Masters use high-quality whole leaf Chinese green tea as the base for this fruity blend. The leaves are sourced from the Jiangxi, Anhui and Zhejiang provinces – known as the ‘Golden Triangle’ for green tea. This makes a wonderfully rounded and grassy background for the sweet mango and lychee to shine against. We add our unique mango and lychee flavouring, as well as dried mango and lychee pieces, to give the tea its mouth-watering fruitiness. The fragrant lychee brings a lovely tropical rose character, while the mango adds a mellow sweetness. With its playful edge and exotic aroma, this is a revitalising iced green tea to leave you feeling calmed and refreshed in no time.

We individually foil-wrap the 20 teabags in this box, meaning you can be guaranteed every infusion tastes fresh and delicious. It also makes them ideal for popping in your pocket on days out or long journeys, when a spontaneous thirst may arise. At home, make the most of this Cold Brew by adding fresh lemon slices and ice cubes. You can even ‘brew a few’ and serve in jugs for a cool and cleansing garden party serve. The fruity flavours are sure to go down well with all ages, while the sugar-free ingredients will keep the health-conscious and parents happy too.

Green tea, Tea extract, Mango & lychee flavouring, Mango, Lychee
Origin*: China’s Jiangxi, Anhui and Zhejiang provinces – known as the ‘Golden Triangle’

*Please note, subject to change due to seasonal variations.


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